Peel Taekwon-Do

Peel Taekwon-Do has been serving the community since 2003. Started with one location and then through the years we grew and expanded to two locations in Brampton by providing honest and friendly service to the community.

Our main location in Brampton is a large facility with many Black Belt Assistants.we strive to provide you with a rigorous, competitive, and yet fun environment to get the highest level of Taekwondo training. We have a program for all ages, experience and gender that meets your specific goal.


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What You Will Learn

  • Basic Techniques – Provides the foundation of Taekwon-Do.
  • Poomse – Improves balance.
  • One-Step Sparring – Develops judgment of distance.
  • Self-Defense – Provides self-protection.
  • Free Sparring – Applies different techniques to improve reflexes.
  • Breaking Techniques – Builds self-confidence.
  • Tae Kwon Do Philosophy – For everyone to improve character, courtesy, better attitude in life, respect, discipline and manners.


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